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Head Springs Ranch - Homepage
Head Springs Ranch
P.O. Box 1305, Menard, TX 76859
Cody Weir, Manager

Texas Trophy Hunts

The ranch has been under strict game management since 1999. The ranch now includes 2986 acres of premium habitat including an expanded watering system, rotational grazing with cattle, food plots, and selective brush removal. The ranch conducts annual helicopter surveys, cull buck and doe harvest to maintain a 1.2:1 buck to doe ratio, free choice protein supplementation, and importation of superior genetics. Successful management practices have exceeded our expectations as total B&C scores continue to improve yearly.

Your Trophy Whitetail Buck Hunt Includes

  • One mature (5½ years or older) Trophy buck.
  • Three full days of hunting.
  • Three nights lodging in our ruggedly handsome cabins.
  • Texas style meals served in our custom home & hunting lodge.
  • Trophy preparation.
  • Fishing for bass and perch in our 3-acre spring-fed stocked lake.

Price Based on Buck Size

  • 150" up to but not including 160" gross – $5,500
  • 160" up to but not including 170" gross – $6,500
  • 170" up to but not including 180" gross – $7,500
  • 180" up to but not including 190" gross – $8,750
  • 190" up to but not including 200" gross – $10,000
  • 200" and above gross – $12,500

Additional Notes

Non-hunting guests are welcome to stay with you for $200/day. Includes lodging
and meals. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your hunt. Transportation to and from San Antonio or San Angelo airports can be arranged for $150 per person.

Add a Management Buck to your package for $1750 extra.