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Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer are native to Europe and the Middle East. Originating along the Mediterranean, the Romans introduced all over Europe in their reign. The Mesopotamian subspecies inhabited much of Persia and are generally larger bodied with heavy horns but not usually as palmated as their European cousins. They were one of the earlier exotic species introduced to Texas ranches and among the most popular trophies. Fallow deer come in 3 general color phases of white, chocolate, and spotted. Trophy bucks will weigh as much as 230 pounds at maturity with antlers of as many as 20+ points and palms from 6-10” wide. Fallow will usually rub out of velvet in mid August and will rut in October. Their rut is as intense as any deer species and they can lose 25% of their body weight in the month of October. You will hear them grunting from up to a mile away where they are announcing themselves to all challengers. They will fight anything and will occasionally kill each other. Fallow are primarily browsers but you can find them grazing in planted fields.


Buck: $5,500

Doe: $750